The Chinook Team offers a wide range of geological services, performed by geologists that have worked throughout Western Canada, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. From Deep Basin to shallow heavy oil wells and oil carbonates, from the Foothills of Alberta to The North Sea, from Steam Assisted heavy oil recovery, to shale gas wells, we have experience with a large variety of applications, be it vertical, directional or horizontal wells, with conventional, invert or underbalanced mud systems, using conventional, slant or coil tubing drilling rigs. Call us for more specific details and we can provide work experience information and well list details.

Geological services

Wellsite geological supervision

    Wellsite Geology
  • Cuttings analysis and logging
  • Directional drilling and MWD/LWD supervision
  • Mudlogging supervision
  • Special geological operations supervision
    (coring, testing, wireline logging)
  • Communication
  • Reporting

Coring Supervision

  • Equipment coordination
  • Coring operation supervision
  • Core description
  • Reporting

Petrographic studies

  • Petrography striplogs
  • Petrographic features
  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Digital photography
  • Digital data exports

Operations geology

    Operations Geology
  • Pre-spud preparations
  • Post drilling sample preparation and storage
  • Project management for multi-well programs

Remote geo-steering and supervision

    Remote Geosteering
  • Monitoring of drilling, MWD, Mud gas
  • Assessment of stratigraphic location
  • Optimal placement of wellpath
  • Reporting

Recruitment for International projects; personnel, services and products

    International Projects
  • Project management
  • Oil field personnel
  • Drilling solutions
  • Integrated services
  • Oil field products
About our services

The company was founded around Wellsite supervision, which includes, liaisons with client, daily reporting, data collection and analysis, mud logging supervision, and wireline logging supervision. We can take care of pre-spud preparations if needed, including ordering bags and vials for cuttings sample collection, ordering and renting gas detectors and sample washing equipment. We can also co-ordinate post drilling sample preparation and storage, as well as cuttings sample logging. Chinook also contracts operations geology and project management for multi-well programs. We perform high quality core and cuttings petrographic studies, and we have several geologists specialized in operations geology and remote geo-steering.

The company focuses on new plays and new technologies, such as tight gas and unconventional reservoirs. Remote geo-steering, in-house or from our offices is also one of our areas of expertise.

Chinook Consulting offers the personalized service of a small consulting group, with the flexibility to handle multiple personnel projects.